Placement service & Immigration office

Nerima Placement Service

Nerima Placement Service helps job seekers willing to work in Japan.

1. Matching the skills/abilities of the job seekers for full-time, part-time opportunities with the labor needs of employers.

2. Offering orientation and on-going support for both the new employee and employers.

3. Providing effective working solutions to a variety of employment demands in a diverse range of fields including: caregiving, food services, English conversation schools, and so on.

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Relevant divisions

Toyotama Administrative Specialist Office

Toyotama Administrative Specialist Office with the immigration specialist, Keiji Iijima, will provide you immigration consulting and documentation services. 

Our motto is as follows.    

1.Kind & Polite Consulting 2.Customers First 3.Ongoing Support

Our main services are as follows:

・To apply for a visa >>Certificate Of Eligibility

We make documents for applicants. After passing the requirements the Immigration Bureau will provide the Certificate of Eligibility to them.

・To extend a visa >> Extension of Period of Stay

We will prepare the documents for each applicant who is willing to extend their stay. We will also provide follow-up support all through-out the process until the completion.

・To change, e.g. a student visa to a working visa >> Change of Status of Residence etc.

*City hall procedure>> (Re)marriage assistance

*Subsidy program for sustaining businesses due to Covid-19

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